Salome - Carol Ann Duffy

Breaking down each poem into bite sized chunks to jog your memory :)

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Salome is about a woman who wakes up and sees a man's head next to her. She can't even remember what his name is, and so she decides to have some breakfast.

The way she says 'I'd done it before' shows it's not the first time and that she doesn't really care!

Where it says 'Good-looking, of course' shows that she thinks she has good taste in men.

Where it says the maids 'innocent clatter', this contrasts greatly to Salome because she has just killed a man!

'Clearing of clutter' is an example of alliteration and shows how the maid is very slick and does things efficiently, as the line flows smoothly.

Where she says 'aint life a *****', it is slang and a modern attitude to all these bad things. Maybe she wants to be like her mother (like in Herodias).

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sorry, ran out of room!! I just put in the key points which you might not know or do know. In the exam you only have to do a few points aniways. Look on for more info

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