Salome by Carol Ann Duffy

A list of devices ad techniques used in the poem and some themes that we get from them.  

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Language techniques:

  • 1st person-selfish - one-sided, we only get one view of the story
  • colour-the colour red keeps coming up-could represent danger or blood-violence.
  • religious references - story out of the bible. 

Structual techniques:

  • ollipsis-she's not sure what she is/was doing-there was no reason for it
  • question marks-confusion-shes not sure who she slept with- not sure why she did it.
  • long to short stanzas-shows how life is too short 
  • dashes- crazy, irrational behaviour
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Themes and meaning


  • Violence
  • Guilt
  • Pain
  • Unaware
  • irrational behaviour
  • Selfishness


  • Negative view of womenin society-they are often seen as promiscuous if they sleep around
  • The woman is seen as mad in this poem-if a man was in this position would he be seen as the same?
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Poems to compare Salome to

  • Havisham-irrational behaviour
  • Before you were mine-Selfishness
  • Hitcher-violent behaviour
  • On My first Sonne-someone dies, but we see different perspectives
  • The Man He Killed-No reason for killing the other person
  • My Last Duchess-possessive-selfish
  • The Laboratory-seen as psychotic behaviour
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A quick and useful guide to the poem loking at language and theme.

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