Salisbury's Domestic Policies

Domestic Reforms

Local Government Act (1888)

  • Created county councils
  • Set up the London County Council
  • New rural voters a degree of control over local affairs

Technical Institution Act (1888)

  • Reforms in education introduced
  • Board of Education established
  • Fees for children attending board schools were abolished
  • Responsibility given to local councils for technical education
  • Government grants were given to universities for the first time
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Domestic Reforms

The Housing of the Working Class Act (1890)

  • Allowed local councils to identify uninhabitable dwellings
  • Replace them with council-built houses

Factory Act (1890)

  • End to children under the age of 11 working
  • Set a maximum 12 hour day for women

Allotment Act and Smallholdings Act (1892)

  • Set up agricultural labourers with their own plot of land
  • Achieved little
  • Indicated government awareness of high rural unemployment
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Salisbury and Ireland

Land Act (1887)

  • Demonstrate to Irish tenants the government's desire to address their main grievence
  • Improved on Gladstone's Act
  • Allowed for further rent review

Balfour's Crimes Act (1887)

  • Gave police and magistrates special powers to deal with trouble makers
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