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Safety at home

Follow these safety precautions at home:

> Cover sockets

> Use good lighting

> Use fire guards and radiator guards

> Use protective film of safety glass and fit child resistant windows

> Use slam door protectors

> Don't have worn or damaged carpets

>Use safety gates

> Have tidy floors and stairs.

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Safety at home

> Install smoke and carbon detectors

> Keep sharp tools and glasses out of reach

> Have stable furniture in the living room

> Keep bed away from the window

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Safety outside

When the children are playing outside, make sure that there are no broken wall and make sure all gates are looked.

> Remove animal faeces

> Garden tools should be looked away

> Clean the sandpit regulary and keep it covered

> Put trampolines on a flat surface on a net around them

Without scaring children, parents should teach children about stranger danger and tell them that if the child is lost, they should stay where they are and wait till they are found. But if someone is to make them feel unfortable they should learn to say no and tell and trusted adult immediately.

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Safety outside (play areas)

Play areas in parks should have...

> Fenced off equipment  

> No rubbish or dog dirt

> Swings with rubber seats or cradle seats for toddlers

> Low- level climbing equipment

> Slides set in banks or slopes

> Regular maintenance checks

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Car and road safety

Legally, children travelling by car must use the correct safety restraint which should conform to EEC regulations.

Air bags should be immobolised if a child travels in the front seat.

You should...

> Use child locks on doors

> Not leave your child unatteneded in the car

> Fit restraints correctly and adjust them on every journey

Choose a restraint for the size and weight of the child rather than their age.

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Dangers of traffic

Teach your child the dangers about traffic, and about the Green Cross Code,using books, gaes and role play.

Practise road saftey by...

> Holding your child's hand accross the road, or using reins/ rist band

> Setting a good example

> Making sure that your child wears bright reflective clothing.

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