Sacraments of initiation

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The seven sacraments

1. Baptism
2. Confirmation
3. Eucharist
4. Marriage
5. Ordination
6. Reconciliation
7. Sacrament of the sick

The sacraments are often taken at different stages in persons life

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Rites of passage

  • rite means ceremony
  • it refers to special ceremonies that happen to show that somebody is passing into a new stage in their life
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Sacraments of initiation

  • baptism
  • holy communion
  • confirmation
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  • Jesus was baptised in the river Jordan by John the baptist
  • "I baptise you in the name of the father and the son and the Holy Spirit"


  • the font: where the holy water is kept and symbolises the sign of new life
  • pouring of the water symbolises sin being washed away
  • White gown: represents a pure soul that sin has been removed from
  • lighted candle: the light of the risen Jesus. The candle is called the paschal candle and its lit at Easter, reminds Christians of the risen Jesus
  • oil of chrism and oil of catechumens: symbolises strength and that the person is special
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Infant baptism

  • being baptised as a baby means that your original sin is washed away
  • you grow up as part of a Christian community
  • being baptised should create a more positive attitude towards life and devoting time to God
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Believers baptism

  • being baptised as an adult means you are making the decision for yourself and understanding what it means
  • it follows the example of Jesus
  • you make a public display of your faith
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  • "there was a sound from heaven like the roaring of a mighty windstorm"
  • "flames or tongues of fire"
  • "filled with the Holy Spirit"
  • it gave them the ability to speak in different languages
  • Christians believe that in confirmation, the Holy Spirit comes to them in a special way
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Symbolism behind confirmation

  • the bishop: normally the bishop will confirm candidates because he is the head of the local church
  • laying of the hands: this shows the passing on of the power of the the Holy Spirit
  • the sponsor: shows the support the candidate will get now they are full member of the christian community
  • oil of chrism: that the person has been set aside to be a follower of Jesus
  • the candidate will also chose a new Christian name. It will be a saints name
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Gifts of the Holy Spirit

1. Wisdom: help them understand what is important in life
2. Understanding: being able to understand other people and empathise with them
3. Right judgment: to know what is right and wrong
4. Courage: ability to carry on in difficult situations
5. Knowledge: to know what is right and why
6. Reverence: lead a holy life
7. Wonder and awe: to love a appreciate God as a higher power

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