Russia Revision;;

Revision Of Russia

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What Will Replace The Tsar's Rule?;;

- Many wanted the Duma to take charge

- Some in the Duma were scared that soldiers loyal to the Tsar would execute them

- These people left the city

- Those left of the Duma decided to form a Provisional Government

- They intended to rule Russia until elections were held

- Decisions made by the new goverment were not immediately put into place

- The Petrograd Soviet was set up at the same time as the Provisional Government

- The Soviet's members were representatives of working class Russia

- The Provisional Government's members were representatives of middle class Russia

- Many Soviets were set up in other towns

- The Petrograd Soviet had much power

- In Petrograd armed forces were under the control of The Soviet

- The Provisional Government could make laws but could not enforce them

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Provisional Government Failed Because;;

- It was weak politically. It was not elected and was made up of different parties

- It was challenged by the Petrograd Soviet

- It was unpopular because it refused to hand over land to the peasants

- It continued the war and was blamed for the defeats of the Russian Army

- It failed to sovle food shortages and other economic problems

- The Bolsheviks offered alternative policies which were more popular

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