Russia in Revolution 1881-1924

Russia in Revolution 1881-1924

Lenin's Return to Petrograd 1917

The February revolution took Lenin by surprise

Lenin arrived in Petrograd on the 3rd April 1917

The Germans gave them permission to travel through Germany as they thought that Revolution was a disaster to a country & by allowing Russian exiles to return they will spread the revolution

The Germans arranged for Lenin’s return to Russia in a sealed train

Lenin was accused of being a German spy

When he arrived he declared complete opposition to the government – calling for an immediate socialist revolution. He set out his programme for the Bolsheviks in his April Theses


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Lenin's April Thesis

April Theses called for:

  • A revolution to seize power from the Prov. Govt & transfer it to the soviets
  • An immediate end to the war
  • The transfer of the land to the peasants
  • ‘All power to the Soviets’ ‘Peace, Bread, Land’
  • Peace – the continuing of the war with Germany
  • Bread – the food shortage
  • Land – the disruption in the countryside
  • Abandonment of co-operation with other parties

Lenin strengthened support for the Bolsheviks.

Lenin’s radical demands meant that the Bolsheviks appeared different.

They attracted support from people who were against the war & who felt let down by the Prov. Gov.

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