Under the Tsar and Provisional Goverment and the take over in oct

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February Revolution 1917

What happened?

  • Demonstrations in Petrograd, aimed at Tsar.
  • 1/4 of a million joined.
  • Clashed with international woman's day and bread strikes.
  • Army disobeyed the Tsar and shot aqt demonstrators.


  • Food shortages.
  • Tsarina left in charge.
  • 2 million dead.
  • Social unrest.
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Febuary Revolution 1917 (2)


  • Tsar forced to abdicate by army.
  • Throne offered to his brother but declined.
  • End of tsarist regime, provisional government took over.
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July Days

What happened?

  • Armed sailors marched to Petrograd.
  • Under bolsheik slogans.
  • Crushed by mensheviks and social revolutionaries.


  • Lenin was criticised and accused of being a German spy.
  • Bolshevik offices and papers closed.
  • Kamenev and Trotsky were arrested.
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Kornilov Coup

What happened?

  • General Kornilov marched his army to ward the provisional government.
  • Kerensky gave weapons to red guards.
  • Kornilov army deserted him.


  • Bolsheviks gained more power.
  • Lenin encouraged Trotsky to prepare foe seizure of power.
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Provisional Goverement

Good factors

  • Banned capital punishment. P
  • Released political prisoners. P
  • Political and religious freedom. F


  • Failure to call constituent assembly. C
  • Didn't deal with land reforms. L
  • Lack of and no support of authority . A
  • Alienated both left and right were left isolated. I
  • Lack of middle class Russians. M
  • Poor war decisions. W
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October Revolution

What happened?

  • Power stations, police stations, bridges and rail networks taken over.
  • Battleships pointed at winter place.
  • Matched in and took over what little power the provisional government had.
  • Gates were open and little casualties.
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October Revolution (2)

Trotsky's role

  • Supported Lenin. S
  • Organised the red guards. O
  • Planed the revolution. P
  • Co-ordinated the revolution. C
  • Motivated supports. M

Lenins Role

  • April theses.
  • Peace, land, bread.
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