Russia (1917-1939)

leadership struggle, 5 year plans and collectivisation, purges and show trials, cult of personality, impact of WW2

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Who would succeed Lenin?

  • Trotsky: Radical left wing communist, against NEP, (fighting Zinoviev and Kamenev)
  • Zinoviev: Radical left wing communist, against NEP, (fighting Kamenev and Trotsky)
  • Kamenev: Radical left wing communist, Against NEP, (Zinoviev and Trotsky)
  • Bukharin: Right wing communist, in favour of NEP, (started to form an alliance with Stalin)
  • Stalin: expells left wing radicals, CENTRE OF THE PARTY, waiting patiently to see which side to join.
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Stalin's removal of his rivals.

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