Russia 1855-1964

Theme-based chronology of Russia 1855-1964

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Russian History

The Peasantry

  • Emancipation Decree 1861

- Abolition of Serfdom under Alexander II

- Peasants now free to marry who they wanted, own property, initiate legal action, and engage in trade or business.  Peasants could no longer be bought or sold

- Serfs able to buy land from their landlords. 80% of payment could be borrowed from the ,(Redemption Money) repaid at a rate of 6% p.a. over 49 years.

- Various limitations to emancipation statute; 2/3 of land still belonged to landlords, loss of access to timber and firewood, many peasants left unable to find alternative employment,

-The Mir was collectively responsible for redemption payments of a whole village. Peasants only able to claim titles to land when all of the village had paid their redemption costs

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