R.S Religion and Life Issues -Key terms

Key terms for each topic: Relationships, Is it fair?, Looking for meaning and Our world.

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Commitment – Being completely devoted/dedicated to someone or something and expressing it through words or actions. e/g marriage.

Chastity – To remain a virgin until marriage. (Especially Roman Catholics)

Reconciliation - The make up after a quarrel or dispute. e/g Remarriage

Responsibilites - A duty someone must fulfill. e/g Muslim Prayer

Conflict - An argument or disagreement between two or more people. e/g Divorce. 

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Is it fair?

Injustice - Where uman rights are ignored. e/g torure because of race, nationality. 

Discrimination - Treating someone differently based upon their race, gender, sexuality, age. Acting on prejudice.

Equality - Treating everyone with eaual rights dispite their race, gender,sexuality etc. 

Authority - Having a right or power over others. e/g a Priest. 

Prejudice - Judging someone with out proir knowlegde based on their race, gender, sexuality etc. 

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Looking for Meaning

Community - A group of people with something in common. e/g Faith communities have shared beliefs - Church. 

Symbolism - An image/sign that has particular meaning. e/g Cross for Cristians respresenting Jesus' sacrifice. 

Afterlife  - Where the soul goes after death. e/g Heaven or Hell. 

God - Ultimate being/creator and sustainer the the world. 

Revelation - Something shown which was previously hidden

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Our World

Stewardship - A God given responsibility to control, manage and care for the Earth. 

Dominion - Having a form of control and responsibility which was given to us humans by God.

Humanity - Caring about other humans through prayer and action. 

Environment - the World in which we live in and our surroundings, which religions teach we are responsible. 

Creation - God's making or the world for a purpose. A unique design. 

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