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What makes us human?

We have:

  • Minds that think and decide
  • Personlites to make us different from other people
  • Emotions throught which react
  • Experiences and influences that affect the kind of people we are and the decisions we make
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How are humand different to anomals?

Intelligence: the abilty to think and reflect, apply knowledge and learn

Morality: Sense or right and wrong

Language the ability to read and write

Revlation created in God's image, having a soul and conscince.

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What influences human beings?

Religion beliefs and culture

People (family, friends, teachers)

Personal background and upbringing

Media (TV, newspapers & advertising)

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What is the purpose of Human life?

Buddhist View:

The Purpose of life is to avoid harming others and achieve enlighterment.

Christian view:

That we were created by God, for him. Quite simply, he enjoyed creating us and he likes to love us and have relationships with each of us. "...all things were created by him for him" Colossians 1:16

Some verses in the bible suggest God created us to look after the rest of his creation. There's a lot more on the idea of  "stewarship"

Scientic Views:

That we are not here for any purpose. No one designed the human beings- we're just the production of millions of years of evoution "we are just the way things turned out"

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What Environmental problems do we face today?

Deforestation- this is the cutting down of forests .

  • destroying natural habitats
  • depleting oxygen.

Gobal warning.

  • Increase in temperature
  • Polar ice caps melting
  • Rise in sea levels

Green house affect

  • Rise in temperatures arcoss the globe

Natural Resouses

  • Wood, coal and oil
  • Destory habitats and cause pollution


  • Chlorofluorocarbons
  • Gases used in aerosols/ fridges
  • Cause damge to ozone layer.
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How should we care for the world?

 Christian View:

Our DOMINION over the world has meant that we have exploited the world for our advantage. Christians believe we should live in partenship with God's creation. Christians believe they are STEWARDS of the earth and have responsibilit to look after it. This includes pritecting the enviroment by reducing pollution and deforeststation.

Buddhist View:

Buddhist recognise the need to treat the would with respect to protect all living beings. Many buddhist are vegtarians and try not to harm animals. Buddhists have to ensure that there is an enviroment that can sustain human generations for future years, as they believe in rebirth thus; protect habitats for all living beings. On holy island, Tibetan buddhidsts try and live out these ideas by sustaining natural environmet and by recycling as much material as possible.

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How poeple put their beliefs in to practice?


  • Use their vote to surport poltiacal groups who care abot the environment
  • Pray about enviroment problems
  • Reduce, reuse and recylce where possible
  • Reduce pollution e.g car share or use public transport
  • Join protest marches
  • Support some christian organisations: www.christian-ecology.org.uk

Chico Mendas:

  • He orgnaised non-violent protests for explotation of brazillian rainforest.
  • He protested and protected the rainforest from further logging and cattle ranching
  • A cattle rancher killed him
  • In his memory the land he lived in has been named Chico Mendas Reserve
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Animal Rights (Buddhist)

One of the Five Precepts is not to harm any living being so animals should be treated with respect. Vegetaianism is encouraged to avoid the suffering of animals. Buddhists believe humans can be reborn as humans.

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The big Bang Theory

  • World began with a big bang. The dense matter that made up the universe began to expand 15,ooo million years ago bursting with great force and speed
  • Expansion continued with a gradual cooling down of the earth and other planets.
  • This is only a thery but knowledge we have of the universe confirms this theory
  • There are some unanswerable questions about the big bang; what cuased the bang?
  • And where did the matter come from in the first place?
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  • Developed in the 19cth by Charles Darwin in the "origin of the species"
  • He noticed hwo ainamls had adapted to changes in their enciroment
  • He showned the best and fittest animals survied and passed on their chaeacteristics to the nect generation
  • He conclued that the complex forms of life that exist today evolved from simpler life forms

The theory raise these points:

  • Is it a theory and hasn't been proven completely
  • Where did the first forms of life come from?
  • If humans evoled from apes, can God have created them?
  • If thats the case, were we created in god's image?
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How do religious people use their talents?

  • Some people believe talents are given by god and should be used to help others.
  • Doing somthing they are good at as a job- teaching nursing so on
  • Passing on their talents to other people
  • Doing voluntry work
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I found these notes very good but there were many spelling errors made which may need to be fixed but overall some very good notes they fit in with the specification v.well. Thanks!

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