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arguments for and against God

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Existance of God Arguments for

Evidence for the existance of God

1. Morality - We all have an instinctive inner conscience, isn't genetic and comes from God.

2. Experience - People have experienced God through Miracles or Revelation

3. The Design argument

 Thomas Aquinas - The Universe must have been designed because everything is so intricately made in detail that it couldn't have happened by chance e.g. eyesight, gravity, birds wings designed for flight.

4. Cosmological (first cause) Everything has a cause, the universe must have been caused by an uncaused cause, eternal and outside the universe.


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Existance of God Arguments against

Arguments against God

1. Morality - some people don't have an inner conscience which tells them between right and wrong e.g. Paedophiles

2. Experience - could be wishful thinking, power of the mind? Also there is no consistency, what does that tell us about God. Questions his omnibelevonence.

3. Design - The world is not perfect, not intricately designed because we still have evil and suffering. Again, this questions God's omnibelevonence

4. Cosomological - Contradicts itself. If everything has a cause then what caused God? We cannot be sure that it is him.


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Is God Immanent or Transcendent?

Why people want to believe he is


Builds faith

When suffering people want God close to them

Motivation to pray

Increases the idea of God's omnibelevonence


Only explaination for suffering

Only way some people understand him as a creator

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