RS Christianity - Pilgrimage

Talking about the different places that christians visit and why they do.

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Rome (special for Roman catholics)


 People go there to see the place in which St Paul and St Peter were killed for being followers of Jesus.  This made them maytrs, as they died for believing in Jesus.  Also to see the Pope - the head of the Catholic Church.

What do you do there?

Visit Saint peters Church to attend a service in one of the disciples Churches.  If you do not attend a service, this is also a time for reflection and prayer.


Makes the people feel closer to God as they have visited a place of religious significance.  They ,ay also feel that by making the effort, they have done something for God and feel closer to Him.

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It is said that Saint Burnedette saw a vision of the Virgin Mary in a small hollow of a rock face on eighteen different occations. She told her to tell the Priest to build a Chapel there and she also duck into the ground and produced a puddle, which grew into a spring. The water in the grotto is said to have healing powers, meaning if you touch it, you will be cured. 

What do you do there?

You go there to bathe or touch the blessed water.  You can also pray in front of the icon that has been built there.


Some pople that go there become cured of their illnesses and disease by bathing in the pool.  The water also supposedly cures any mental illnesses and if you have had a loss of faith.  It will also bring you closer to God.

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It is said that a lady saw a vision of the Virgin Mary, asking her to build a replica of her house in Nazereth.  When she began to built it, a few weeks later she returned and found that it had moved twenty paces away and built itself.  People now visit the chapel to see the house where it was announced by the Angel Gabriel that she was going to gove birth to jesus.

What do you do there?

You first have to walk up the Slipper chanel - a mile long road by which you walk barefooted or in slippers (some even crawl) to show the effort you made to get there and that you have gone through suffereing.  When you get there you pray and reflect.


It bring you closer to Mary and God.

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