R.S. Euthanasia

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Types of Euthanasia

Involuntary- When someone else decides when a patient should die.No choice

Passive- When treatment to help a patient is stopped.

     E.g. Switching off a ventilator in a comatosted patient

Voluntary- When a person asks for helpig in dying.Their choose.

     E.g. Dignitas in Switzerland 

Active- Deliberate ending of their life.

     E.g. Lethal injection  

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Euthanasia and Christianity-Reasons for

-It is sometimes the most loving thing to do.

- God has enabled us to think for ourselves and therefore we should be allowed to chose when we die.

- Keeping people alive with drugs is against God's will anyway

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Euthanasia and Christianity-Reasons against

- Life is a gift from God only he should decide when we die.

- Suffereing helps people be closer to God.

- Hospices can help people to end their life with dignity so euthanasia isnt necessary.

- The 'sippery slope' arguement.

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Euthanasia and Islam -Reasons for

- Ending life is sometimes the kindest thing to do but only in cases of passive euthanasia.

- Keeping ill people alive with machines or drugs is against Allah's will.

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Euthanasia and Islam -Reasons against

- No one can die except by Allahs leave, that ia a decree with a fixed term.

Quote:  No one knows the plans of Allah (Al-Qadr predestionation) therefore they can play God.

-  Zulm: Wrong doing against Allah.

- Do not take life except for just causes.

- Life is a gift from Allah. Only he should decide when to end a life.

Story: Muhhamed told a story of a man who helped a friend who was in great pain to die. The man and his friend were both denied paradise as a result.

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The Sanctity of life - definitions

Definition: All human life is holy or sacred 

Sacred: Made holy or set aside to be treausered;precious

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Potential reasons to end a life

- To preserve human life

  E.g. Self defence 

- The death penalty

  E.g. Lethal inection only for serious cases such as mass murder

- Abortion

- Euthanasia for people whos condition will not improve and they are suffering

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The Sanctity of life - Christian views

- Christians consider life to be sacred because: 'God is the giver of life'

- Ecclesiastes 3:1 says 'There is a time for everything. A time to be born and a time to die... '

Christians believe God gives and takes life away as he pleases

- Christians believe God created human life and it should be preserved.Nothing is more important then the life that god has given.

- God decides when life begins and ends. Murder is forbidden in the 10 commandements. Exodus chapter 20 verse 13

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