Rosenhan and seligman

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Seven element of abnormality

  • Suffering 
  • Unpredictability and loss of control 
  • Maladaptiveness   
  • Observer discomfort  

Another person may find behaviour to be uncomfortable or embarassing eg. if another person stands too close or stares at them for too long. 

  • Violation of moral and ideal standars  
  • Vividness and Unconventionality  
  • Irrationality and Incomprehensibility 
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Definition of abnormality

  • statistical infrequency- behaviour that deviates from the statistical norm  
  • deviation from social norms- abnormality is seen as behaviour that deviates from the social norm 
  •  abnormality as a failure to function adequetly- operate on a day to day basis in society  
  • deviation from ideal mental health 
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