Questions comparing Rosas and Swansong

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What is the lighting like in Rosas compared with Swansong?

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In Rosas there is natural light through windows. The lighting changes as the performance goes on to show time passing.

In Swansong there is overhead lighting and a diagonal shaft of light to suggest natural light from upstage left. Footlights create shadows and it is very atmospheric

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What is the accompaniment like in Swansong and Rosas?

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In Swansong it is electro-acoustic with digital sounds. There is some silence which allows us to hear found sounds. It was composed in collaboration with the choreographer. Composer - Philip Chambon

In Rosas it is electronic, percussive, minimalist and some natural sounds of the dancers moving and breathing. Composer - Thierry de Mey and Peter Vermeersch

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Compare the set In Rosas with Swansong.

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In Rosas Danst Rosas the set is in the corridors and rooms of a large, austere, empty school in Belgium. Wooden chairs are used in some sections. It is site specific.

In Swansong the set is bare except for a chair, suggesting a cell. A door is symbolised stage right because the guards always enter, exit that way. A chair is also used as a weapon, a sheild and shackles. Props (canes and a red nose)  are used to degrade the victim.

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