rooms of house

rooms of house-german

Das Essizimmer-dinningroom.                                                            Das wohnzimmer-livingroom.                                                              Das schlafzimmer-bedroom.                                                                Das badezimmer.                                                                             das arbeitzimmer-study.  die kutche-kitchen.  die toilette-toilet.  die garage-garage.    der garten-garden.  der keller-cellar.          

der flur-hallway.    der dachboden-attic

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WEATHER~ calt-cold.    warm-warm.    cloudy-foggy.   donnert&blitz-thunder&lightning.    schneit-snowing.    heiss-hot.     frostig-frosty.    sonning-sunny.    windig-windy.        regnet-raining.    hagelt-hailing.      tornado-tornado.      orkan- hurricane.

TIME~ Wie viel Uhr ist es?

to say half past you would say 'halb' and then the next hour E.G- 7:30 would be 'halb acht'.          quatre past-virtel nach    to-vor 

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room objects+positions-German

OBJECTS~  stuhl-chair.   tisch-table.    schrank-wardrobe.   fernseher-tv.   computer-computer.   ipod-ipod.   kommode-chester draws. steroanglage-stero.   lampe-lamp              bett-bed.    bucherregal.   handy-mobile phone.

POSITIONS~ neben-beside/next to.   unter-under.   auf-on top.   in-inside.   zwisched-inbetween.

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Personal details-german

ich heisse mia. ich bin zwolf jahre alt. mien geburtstag ist zwieundzwanzig sten september.

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ADDING~ 1/12+1/4= what do 12 and 4 both go into? 24! 2/24+6/24- well you add the top numbers together which is 8/24

SUBTRACTING~  1/2-3/8= well 2 goes into 8 so you keep the bottom number as 8 but you take away 1 from 3 which is 2 so the awnser would be 2/8.

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MEAN~ is when you add all the numbers up and divide by how manh numbers there are.

Median~Is  the middle number after you put them in order.

Mode~Is the most common number.

Range~ is  measure of how spread out it is, the bigger the range the more spread out it is.

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AREA:  RECTANGLE~ length x width - l x w

TRIANGLE~ base x hight divided by 2

PERIMETER: you add together the l and w and yeh

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