Romeo and Juliet Characters

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Romeo is moody - His family thinks Romeo is behaving strangely

Romeo is sad and lonely - His father has seen him with 'tears', and Romeo stays in his bedroom on his own

Romeo fears for the future - Before the ball, he talks about something 'hanging in the stars' (as if he realises fate will destroy his future)

He is not sincere at first - He forgets all about Rosaline as soon as he meets Juliet

He falls in love instantly - He asks 'Did my heart love till now?' when he sees Juliet. He will do anything for her He says: 'Call me but love, and I'll be new baptised.'

He tries to do the right thing - He refuses to fight Tybalt, even if he seems a coward

He can be immature - Even the Nurse tells him to stand up and 'be a man'

He will not listen to reason - He says, 'I defy you, stars!', as if he does not care what will happen

He is passionate about Juliet - He kills himself in order to be with her

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Juliet is quiet - She says very little in Act 1, Scene 3

Juliet is innocent - We are told she is not quite 14 several times

Juliet is not shy - She lets Romeo kiss her at their first meeting

Juliet speaks directly - She tells Romeo he kisses 'by th'book' (that he kisses well or without any real feeling)

Juliet is in love - She says he is her 'only love'

Juliet commits herself to him - She says: 'All my fortunes at thy foot I'll lay'

She believes in him - She asks: 'Shall I speak ill of my husband?' and later gives her 'ring to my true knight'

She disobeys her mother - She tells her 'I will not marry', and that she will marry Romeo rather than Paris

She is brave - She says 'Tell me not of fear', and is quick to commit suicide, saying 'I'll be brief'

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The Nurse

The Nurse is like a mother to Juliet.

She takes a great risk in helping her, and seems completely devoted to her.

She makes fun of her, too, and is rude - but means only the best for Juliet.

The Nurse talks a lot, often in a rambling way, but appears to be genuinely nice and caring.

However, she advises Juliet to marry Paris and does not seem to appreciate how much Juliet loves Romeo.

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The Friar

The Friar is like a father to Romeo.

He often offers advice and clearly knows Romeo very well.

He also seems to be wise, and is trusted by everyone.

He knows a lot and appears to be practical. However, he takes a huge risk when he secretly marries Romeo and Juliet.

His plan to save her does not work either.

And his actions lead to the deaths of the couple.

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Benvolio is another of Romeo's friends, and makes a good contrast to both Mercutio and Tybalt.

His name can be understood as 'good wishes', and he is determined to do all he can to stop the fights between the two families.

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Lord Capulet

Lord Capulet, Juliet's father, is ready to fight Montague, but then appears to be friendly and welcoming, inviting people to his party.

And he stops Tybalt from fighting Romeo in his house.

However, Capulet is a very traditional father.

He arranges Juliet's marriage to Paris and is furious when she does not obey him.

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Lady Capulet

Lady Capulet is not very close to her daughter, Juliet.

She has little to do with her, and will not take Juliet's side against her husband.

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Mercutio is one of Romeo's best friends who loves entertaining people and making fun of them.

He plays around with language and is full of imagination in his speeches.

He is also very coarse, linking many things with sex, and seems keen to pick a fight with almost anyone he meets.

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Tybalt is also a very aggressive character.

He only seems interested in fighting Romeo's family, and everything he says is full of anger and hatred.

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