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Religious Imagery

In Shakespeares play, Romeo and Juliet, Religious imagery is used to show how powerful the love is between two characters. examples of quotes such as:

"Pilgrim, your touch showed proper decision- Pilgrims touch saints hands which is a proper Pilgrims kiss."

"In case faith turns into despair"

"My sin is taken away from my lips by yours"

" Bright angel" - refers to Juliet

"winged messenger" - refers to Juliet

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Love quotes

"Did my heart love till now? Foreswear it sight! For i ne'er saw true beauty till this night" -  Romeo goes on about how he now loves Juliet. Earlier in the play, he claims that he could only love Rosaline, a relative of Juliet, however he moved on quite quickly from her at the capulet ball. this shows the two different types of love, cortly love and real love.

"Where on a sudden one hath wounded me" - Romeo compares falling in love to being wounded, suggesting a connection between love and conflict. Also, Romeo found love confusing at the start of the playy, which could potentially back this up.

"My only love sprung from my only hate" - this shows the beginning of Juliets, internal conflict. she loves Romeo but she is now aware that he is a montague and knows that they can't be together- unless in secret. Also, this shows the consequence of the families ancient grudge and the unfair affect on the younger generation.

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Conflict quotes

"That i must love a loathed enemy" Juliet continues with this inner conflict and already knows that the family feud is going to come in between she and Romeo's love. She wants to love Romeo but she also wants to be loyal to her family.

"What, drawn, and talk of peace! I hate the word, as i hate hell" - this reveals to the audience Tybalt's violent character and desire for violence and for conflict with the montagues. His strong hatred for peace adds to this, he represents the hate and anger between the families.

"And fire-eyed fury be my conduct now! Now Tybalt, take the villian back" - Romeo was trying to prevent the conflict but now that the fight has happened and Mecutio has died as a result of it,he is filled with anger and wants to fight Tybalt to avenge his friend.

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Some Romeo quotes

"By some vile forefit and untimely death" - Shakespeare is hinting that of future events, Romeo senses that he will have an utimely death, which also links to the theme of fate.

"Lady, by yonder blessed moon i vow, that tips with silver all these fruit-tree tops" - Romeo keeps trying to treat love like a game and uses poetry to do this.

"I defy you stars!" Romeo refuses to accept that Juliet is dead and so this also links to the theme of fate agan. the two are described as star-crossed lovers in the prolouge, meaning they are not only fated to be together but they are also doomed for death.

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Some Juliet quotes

"Thy propose marrige, send me word tomorrow" - Juliet suggests they get married. This shows that despite her youth, she is quite decisive, especially for a woman of that time. 

"You kiss by th'book" - Juliet is almost trying to tease Romeo. she coud be saying he is a really good kisser or that he is pretty average at kissing. This shows a flirty, but innocent side of Juliet.

"My grave is to be my wedding bed" - Juliet seems to think she wil die un-married. Marrige seems to constantly be on her mind, most likely because a lot of young girls her age would get married at this time.

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