Romeo and Juliet quotes


benvolio quotes

examine other beauties

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Romeo quotes

o doth she teaches the torches to burn bright

o brawling love, o loving hate 

then i defy you the stars 

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Juliet quotes

a rose by other name would smell as sweet

o happy dagger

do thou but call my resolution wise, and with this knife i'll help it presently

and i will do it without a fear or doubt

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tybalt quotes

'tis he that villan romeo

And talk of peace! i hate the word as i hate hell

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capulet quotes

my child is yet a stranger to the world

o brother montague 

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nurse quotes

prettiest babe i e're nursed 

why, he's a man of wax

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friar Lawrence quotes

not truly in their hearts but in their eyes

i'll thy assistant be... to turn your households rancour into pure love

wisely and slow they stumble that run fast

these violent delights have violent ends

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