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- 'Shrine'

- 'Sun'

- 'Saint'

- 'Light'

- 'Bud'

- 'Angel'

- 'Jewel'

- 'Disobedient Wretch'

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Key Quote

'My only love sprung from my only hate' Act 1: Scene 5

- Love and passion

- Levi Straus' binary opposites, tragedy occurs due to their oppositions

- Future reason for her death, love where she shouldn't

- She's never loved before, and the only hate she's experienced is towards the Montagues

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Key Quote

'My grave is like to be my wedding bed' Act 1: Scene 5

- Fate

- Foreshadows to her death

- Similie 

- Head over heels in love with him, and melodramatically worries that he is already married

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Key Quote

'I have an ill-divining soul' Act 3: Scene 5


- Pessimistic

- Foreshadowing

- Metaphor

- Prophesising something bad

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Key Quote

'Take him and cut him out in little stars, and he will make the face of heaven so fine' Act 3: Scene 2


- Celestial imagery

- She wants everyone to see his beauty

- Holds him to high regards

- Metaphor, he is better than heaven, hyperbolising her love for him

- Foreshadowing his death

- Easily enfatuated by his looks, naive

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Key Quote

'Oh happy dagger.. there rust and let me die' Act 5: Scene 3

Violence & Fate

- 'rust' never removed from Juliet/connoting the eternal decay of her beauty + dreams

- irony

- Oxymoron, the end of her life is violent

- Personification, she sees death as preferable to life w/o Romeo

- Imperitive, shows certainty, conviction, loss

- Suicide marks loss of life / human cost

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Key Quote

'It is too rash, too unadvis'd, too sudden' Act 2: Scene 2


- Triple

- Similie

- Shows mental maturity to address hastiness

- Also immature

- Hasty

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Key Quote

'The bud of love, with Summer's ripening breath may prove a beauteous flower when we next meet' Act 2: Scene 2


- Their love is now like a flower but waiting to fully bloom when they meet

- Metaphor

- Maybe they should wait another day to be sure that they're experiencing love

- Doesn't want to seem desperate 

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Key Quote

'A rose by any other name would smell as sweet' Act 2: Scene 2

Nature + Status

- She 'truly' loves him, not just his status

- 'sweet', her feelings for Romeo, young, naive, foolish

- Metaphor

'What's in a name?'

- Rhetorical question

- Why can't they be together?

- Love despite feud of the families

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Key Quote

'Do not swear by the moon, th'inconsistent moon' Act 2: Scene 2

Nature + Fertility

- If their love isn't transient, swear by the stars

- Celestial imagery

- Instability

- Fertility, age

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Key Quote

'Too like the lightning' Act 2: Scene 2

- Similie

- Juliet views Romeo's hasty proposals as being too quick (like lightning these feelings could be gone in a flash)

- Foreboding and anxiety

- Fiery imagery = passion / desire / lust / electric connection

- Foreshadows sudden deaths

- Feelings powerful but over fast (transience) 

- metaphor for their relationship

- superlative, negativity, rushed

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Key Quote

'Come night come' Act 3: Scene 2

- anaphora

- excitement

- personification

- imperitives

'Such vile matter so fairly bound'

- torn as to whether she should love Romeo

- metaphor, romeo's heart

- oxymorons, confused about who to love

love and hate

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Key Quote

Act 3: Scene 2 Quotes:

'Thou sober-suited matron, all in black'

- dowdy

- represents restrictions, curfews ---> subverts ideas of what young girls were supposed to do PARENTS & CHILDREN

'Learn me how to lose a winning match'

- both winners

- oxymoron, lose virginity

- not fighting against it

'Night' repetition, allows secrecy + to be together by themselves

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