Romeo and Juilet



  • Love- Romeo and Juilet's passionate love drives the action of the play. This contrasts with Mercutio and the Nurse's sexual view of love.
  • Conflict-The feud between the play's families leads to the deaths of the lovers. The tragic ending shows how pointless the rivalry is.
  • Family-Family loyalty is important to many of the characters, but Romeo and Juilet become more loyal to each other than to their families.
  • Fate and Freewill-The characters blame fate for the bad things thata happen, but they make risky and dangerous decisions.

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  • Soilloquies- When characters speak to themselves, revealing their thoughts to the auidence. Juilet's soiloquy in Act 2, Scene 2 reveals her love for Romeo.
  • Puns- When words that sound alike are used to create a humorous double meaning. Mercutio's puns add humour to the comic scenes.
  • Imagery- Metaphors and similes set the play's mood. Romeo and Juilet's love is often described using images of light and heaven, but also darkness and danger.
  • Sonnets- Sonnets are poems with fourteen lines and a strict rhyme scheme, Sonnets are associated with love-the first fourteen lines spoken by Romeo and Juilet are a sonnet.

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