Romans and Medicine...

The Romans and their contribution to medicine through time.

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How the Romans tried to cure the sick...# 1

The Gods:

In 295BC people in Rome were in much danger from the plague. normally people were treated within the family using remedies from older generations. Others appealed to their Gods, but they believed th Gods didn't hear them. In desperation the Romans turned to the Greek God Asclepius and they built a temple. After this, the plague gradually faded away!

A small amount of Romans were surprised by the God Asclepius. This was because Gods were a part of their everyday life and were expected to be powerful.

Asking for help from the Gods to be cured was often a 1st resort not a last one.

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How the Romans tried to cure the sick...# 2


Just like the Greeks, the Romans used 3 main methods of helping their patients. They reccomended more exercise, changes in diets or a herbal medicines as 'opposites'.

Most people agreed with Hippocrates when he said that people should take exercise to stay fit. they exercised in the public baths with trainers or in a gymnasium.

Roman families used herbs and vegetables in medical treatments

Roman doctors used OPIUM as a weak ANAESTHETIC, TURPENTINE and PITCH were used as ANTISEPTICS.

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Theories about Disease...

The most common surgical treatment was bleeding.

Internal operations were still rare because they were so risky without effective antiseptics, anaesthetics and more detailed anatomical knowledge.

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