Roman Rule of Israel

Roman Rule of Israel

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Roman Rule of Israel

  • By 31CE the Roman had control of Israel
  • Autonomy of Roman Rule - Subject to a military governor such a Pilate who was known as perfect
  • Pilate needed to interact with the indigenous people, and did so in Jerusalem through the Sanhedrin
  • Sanhedrin dealt with "Jewish Affairs" and had been responsible for for civil administration and Tax collection
  • Pilate (or perfect) had dealt with internal and external security controlling the Jewish people and deciding capital cases

This resulted in

  • Interference of Jewish life, taking away money which was not needed by the Romans and divisions led to insecurities
  • Led to a split power between Rome and the Sanhedrin (more division)
  • Although the Romans did not have freedom of practice, however religio-lectica made Judaism a legal religion
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Impact Roman Empire had one the Jews

  • Aqueducts were built to transport water
  • Romans had created real-life statues unlike the Greeks
  • Built connecting successful roads, unlike the Greeks
  • The Romans were realists unlike the Greeks who were idealists
  • Jews could apply to be Roman citizens
    • Allowed them to travel, e.g Apostle Paul (Pharisee), he was able to spread the word of the gospel
    • Religious-Licta gave them the freedom to practice their religion, respect and Christianity had snuck under 1st century
  • Excellent Builders, wrote exact dates on production
  • Insulted the Jews with their beliefs of many Gods as it had conflicted with monotheism
  • reformed the common language "KOIN"
  • Exploited the use of being priests, usually Roman priests were political as well
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