Roman Public Health

Changes the Roman's made to make sure the public stayed healthy.

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Roman Public Health

  • The Romans developed the first ever system of public health.
  • Romans knew that dirty conditions made people ill
  • Romans knew it was important to keep their army healthy- this way they could keep their empire under control.
  • They provided baths, wide streets, sewers and toilets. Marshes were drained.
  • Galen advised people to breethe deeply and do gym excercises to keep healthy.
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What the Romans built


  • There were 9 main baths in Rome
  • Many were luxurious- covered in mirrors, marble and silver and with glass. Some had massage rooms and gymnasia.
  • Bathers went through 3 baths- one hot, one lukewarm and one cold.
  • Government officials called aediles monitored cleanliness and behaviour.


  • Rome had nine aqueducts, excellently engineered and icluding filter tanks and bridges.
  • 222 million gallons of clean water came into Rome through the aqueducts.
  • Special commisioners made sure that water was evenly and fairly spread. Most private houses had pipes and cisterns attatched.
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What the Romans built


  • Rome had 7 sewers
  • Flushed by streams and public latrines (which seated up to 60 people)
  • There was a force of 300 slaves who cleaned the streets at night when people were asleep.


  • Romans built the first hospitals to look after their wounded soldiers
  • They recognised the importance of a healthy army in order to keep their empire strong.


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