roman marriage.

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The dowry and wedding prep.

A girls father chose her husband and she could be engaged from the age of 7 and married from 14.

A woman brought into the marriage whatever she or her family could afford, it was then owned by the husband.

a dowry could consist of Property, money, slaves, clothing, jewels or furniture.

on the night before her wedding a woman gave her father her Bulla (birth locket) and gave any childhood toys to her family.


A straight tunic that came down to her feet with a rope tied around her waist in a hercules knot. only her husband could untie this knot. over this she wore a veil which was saffron coloured called a flammeum. she also wore a wreath of flowers which she collected herself.

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ceremony and after.

Quando tu Gaius, ego Gaia. this is what the bride said to confirm the marriage. part of the consent process.

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