roman catholic christianity

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what do roman catholic believe sin is?

deliberately turning your back on god

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what are the consequences of sin



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what kind of sin do roman catholics believe in?

serious sin

less serious sin

venial and moratl sin



little white lies

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what is ash wednesday

the start of lent

or the day after shrove tuesday

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where does the name ash wednesday come from

ashes are made from the palms used the year before on palm sunday

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how might ash wednesday be observed

catholics recieve the ashes and they are encouraged to repent and believe in the gospel or to remember that they are dust and that unto dust they will return

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what do christians believe about judgement?

they believe that when they die they will be judged for the way they have lived and then may be sent to heaven or hell

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what us said about the holy spirit in the creed

the lord the giver of life, proceeds from father and son, is worshipped, spoke through the prophets

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what did jesus say about prayer in sermon on the m

the people must be sincere when they pray

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