Roman Catholic Christianity

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What is

the sacrament of Holy Orders?

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When baptised males become priests, bishops and deacons.

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What is

the body of Christ?

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The followers of Jesus who live their lives through his gifts including the church itself.

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What happened

in the sacrament of Holy Orders?

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A large number of priests will present with the bishop and they celebrate mass. The bishop must lay his hand onto the ordinant and they are anointed with chrism.

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What is

apostolic succession?

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When the bishops and the pope who continue the mission Jesus entrusted to them.

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What is

the role of the bishop?

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From the Greek word meaning "overseer". In charge of the diocese. They make decisions with dioceses on matters and they make decisions.

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What is

the role of the priests?

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From the Greek word meaning "elder". They have their own parish. They administer sacraments except holy orders and confirmation.

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What is

the communion of saints?

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A number of things. All the Christians are part of the church and God communicates this through the sacrament.

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What is

a Deacon?

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A servant of the bishop especially for caring for those in need. They are allowed to marry now but they weren't in the past.

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How is the church


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All Christians belive in Jesus even though it was divided into Caholic and Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant and Protestant and further divisions.

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How is the church


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God made it so it's perfect.

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How is the church


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Catholic means "universal". catholic church with small c's mean universal and Catholic Church with big C's mean that it's open for Roman Catholics.

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How is the church


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Disciple means "learner" and from disciples, Jesus chose 12 apostoles which means "a person sent out on a mission".

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How is the church

the body of Christ?

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The human body in which Jesus lived and how he died on the cross. The bread and wine is received at communion and through Jesus' followers.

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