Descriptions of ROM and RAM. Layed out so it is clear to see the similarities and differences.

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  • ROM stands for Read-Only Memory.
  • ROM is a memory chip which has its programming embedded in the chip at manufacture.
  • It is known as firmware - because it has it's hardware and software in one.
  • Because the data in a ROM chip is embedded in the manufacture - the data is permanent and secure.
  • ROM is also non volatile so data is stored when the power is turned off.
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  • RAM stands for Random Access Memory.
  • RAM is a place in a computer where the operating system, applications and data in use are stored to be reached by the computers processor.
  • The more RAM there is, the faster the computer works.
  • RAM grants space for the computer to read and write things to be used by the Central Processing Unit.
  • RAM is volatile - once the computer has been turned off RAM is no longer stored. When the computer is turned on again - data semi-permanently in ROM is sent back to RAM.
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