Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry Chapter Summaries

Thses cards summarise what happens in each of the chapter within the novel.

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Chapter One

  • We are introduced to Cassie Logan and her brothers
  • T.J tells the Logan children about the burning of the Berrys'
  • They all get splashed with mud by the Jefferson Davis school bus
  • They recieve new books from the school board with contain racist comments
  • Mama covers the comments in the children's books
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Chapter Two

  • Papa returns from the railroad
  • Mr Morrison comes home with him to live with the Logans'
  • The children speculate about why Papa has brought home Mr Morrison
  • At church, people talk about what happened to the Berrys'
  • Papa declares to everyone that they do not shop at the Wallace store
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Chapter Three

  • Little Man struggles to understand why the Jefferson Davis school has a bus but Great Faith does not
  • They get drenched by the bus again
  • They plan revenge against the school bus
  • Their plan works and the bus gets stuck and damaged in the giant hole in the road they have created, forcing the white children to walk home in the rain
  • At home, the children cannot contain their laughter about what has happened to the school bus
  • Mr Avery comes to tell the Logans' that the Night Men are riding tonight; the children do not understand what this means
  • They worry that it has something to do with what they have done to the bus
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Chapter Four

  • T.J tells the children that a black man was tarred and feathered for accusing Mr Barnett of being a liar
  • T.J steals cheat notes from Mama's desk
  • During the test, Stacey takes the cheat notes off of T.J to stop him
  • However, Mama catches Stacey with the notes and whips him
  • Stacey goes after T.J down at the Wallace store and they fight
  • Mr Morrison arrives and breaks up the fight, taking the children back home
  • Mr Morrison says he won't tell Mama but he wants Stacey to tell her himself
  • Mr Granger comes to the house to ask about the land
  • Big Ma and Cassie walk down to the 'Caroline', where Big Ma talks about the families past and the land
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Chapter Five

  • Big Ma, Cassie, Stacey and T.J go to Strawberry
  • They park up the wagon to sell their eggs at the back of the field, as the front is reserved for white people's wagons
  • T.J admires a gun at the Mercentile store
  • Cassie cannot understand why Mr Barnett serves a white girl before herself and thus trouble occurs
  • Cassie walks into Lillian Jean, who demands an apology
  • Big Ma makes Cassie apologise and Cassie feels betrayed, not understanding that Big Ma did what she had to do to prevent trouble
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Chapter Six

  • Mama talks to Cassie about why Big Ma had to make her apologise to Lillian Jean
  • Uncle Hammer arrives
  • Cassie tells Hammer about the Strawberry incident and he is furious; Mama and Big Ma try to calm him down
  • Uncle Hammer gives Stacey a fancy new coat
  • T.J teases Stacey about his new coat
  • A white family moves their wagon on the brige to let their car past because they think it's Harlan Granger in his Packard
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Chapter Seven

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