Roles of Men and Women- Judaism

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Orthodox Views

  • A good marriage is seen to be a partnership of equals.
  • However, the men and women have different yet equally important roles.
  • Man's role is in the public sphere and he has authority over the non-domestic matters (e.g. he earns the money and works, he is also obliged to attend synagogue).
  • Woman's role is within the private sphere and she has authority over the domestic matters (e.g. she does the household chores and brings up the children).
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Reform Views

  • Men and women are to be treated equally.
  • The teachings from the Torah should be looked at in light of modern attitudes and the changing nature of society.
  • Therefore, women can have jobs and do not have to be restricted to the domestic chores. they can do more than previously and so ought to be allowed to do so.
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Women in the Torah

  • They are endowed with a greater degree of intuition, intelligence and understanding than men.
  • They are thought to be closer to God's ideal than men.
  • Women are discouraged from pursuing higher education or religious pursuits because they might neglect their primary duties as wives and mothers.
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In the Synagogue


  • Men and women sit seperately so they can concentrate on worship.
  • Women are not meant to read the Torah.
  • Women cannot form part of a minyan (the minimum number of people needed for certain prayers).
  • Women are not obliged to attend daily services like men are.
  • Only men can be Rabbis.


  • Genders do not have to sit seperately.
  • Women can read the Torah.
  • Women can be part of a minyan.
  • Women or men can be ordained as Rabbis.
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