Rocks & Building Materials


The Limestone Cycle

Calcuim carbonate ( CaCO  )                            Limestone

Calcium Oxide ( CaO )                                     Quicklime

Calcium Hydroxide ( Ca ( OH )  )                       Slaked Lime

Calcium Hydroxide Solution                             Limewater

Calcuim Carbonate                                         Limestone

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Uses of Limestone

Limestone is a building material & can be used to make: 

Cement:                                                                      Glass:

  • Made from Clay & Limestone                                      Made from Sand, Limestone & Soda 
  • Used for joining bricks                                               Used for windows
  • Strong, waterproof                                                      Transparent


  • Made from Cement & Sand
  • Used for joining bricks
  • Strong, Waterproof


  • Made from Cement, Sand & Water
  • Used for foundations & walls
  • Stronger than cement
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Thermal Decomposition

When limestone is heated, it decomposes to give calcium oxide & carbon dioxide

Calcium carbonate      Calcium oxide + Carbon dioxide

CaCO                         CaO               + CO

This also works with other carbonates- eg. magnesium, copper & zinc to create an oxide + carbon dioxide

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For & against Limestone Quarries


  • Can be used to make many materials
  • More wealth- boost the economy
  • More jobs are created


  • Noisy- many lorries, machinery
  • Pollution levels are high
  • Looks ugly to tourists
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