Rock Cycle

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The Rock Cycle

The rock cycle explains how each type of rock is formed

  • The process of WEATHERING (the distintegration of rocks by by weather) creates lose sediment which can then be easily transported by rivers.
  • The sediment is deposited in the oceans and eventually builds up. This is then compacted until it forms SEDIMENTARY ROCK.
  • This is then changed to METAMORPHIC ROCK due to intense heat and pressure.
  • The rock is then melted and becomes magma, which cools forming IGNEOUS ROCK. If it cools above the surface then it is known as extrusive igneous rock and cools quickly meaning it contains small crystals. If it cools below the surface it is known as intrusive igneous rock which cools more slowly and therefore has much larger crystals.
  • This is then eroded by weathering to produce sediment and the process continues :)


SEDIMENTARY- think SEDIMENT being deposited and then compacted

METAMORPHIC-think MORPH (as in to change)- as in changed by heat and pressue

and IGNEOUS- is well the other one and forms EXTRUSIVE features and INTRUSIVE features (like batholiths).

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