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Theory 1

Hedges: Phrases like "sort of", "kind of", "it seems like"

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Theory 2

Empty adjectives: "divine", "adorable", "gorgeous"

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Theory 3

Super-polite forms: "Would you mind..." "...if it’s not too much to ask" "Is it o.k if...?"

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Theory 4

Apologize more: "I'm sorry, but I think that..."

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Theory 5

Speak less frequently

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Theory 6

Avoid coarse language or expletives

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Theory 7

Tag questions: "You don't mind eating this, do you?". Subsequent research has cast some doubt on this proposition

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Theory 8

Hyper-correct grammar and pronunciation: Use of prestige grammar and clear articulation

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Theory 9

Indirect requests: "Wow, I'm so thirsty." – really asking for a drink

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Theory 10

Speak in italics: Use tone to emphasis certain words, e.g., "so", "very", "quite"

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