Rivers: Processes of Erosion

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River erosion processes.

Hydraulic action- The force of the water hitting the banks and bed.

Abrasion- When the load of the river is repeatedly hitting the bed and banks causing material to break off.

Attrition- When stones and boulders knock against eachother and cause bits to fall off so that they reduce in size.

Solution- Occurs when rivers flow on certain rock typs such as chalk and limestone, these are soluble in rainwater and are dissolved by the river.

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Processes of transportation.

Traction- Moving the largest material; e.g boulders are rolled along.

Saltation- bouncing of small material such as small stones and grains of sand.

Suspension- very fine material floating in the water as it moves.

Solution- dissolved load.

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Long and changing cross profiles


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Waterfalls and gorges.


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