key words- 

  • source
  • ox-bow lake
  • v-shaped valley
  • channel
  • river-banks
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how rivers erdode

hydraulic action- the power of water hitting the bank eroding it away.

corrosion-chemicals in the water wearing away banks.

attrition- the rocks in the water hitting eachother and become smaller

abrasion- rocks in the water hit eachother and break down into smaller particles.

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key notes

source- the area in which a river begins.

mouth-where a river ends it journey,flowing into the sea or a lake.

tributary- a smaller river that joins a larger river.

confluence- the point at which two rivers join.

watershed- the boundary between two drainage basins marked by a ridge of high land.

drainage basin- the area which is drainged by a river and its tributary.

drainage density- the total lenght of all the streams in the basin divided by the total area of the basin.

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