Water cycle

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Water cycle

Attrition The wearing away of particles of rock as they bounce along the riverbed or knock against each other and wear away becoming more rounded. Hydraulic Action The force of the water wears away the river bank from underneath. corrosion some rocks dissolve in the water. Corrasion rocks carried by the river erode the river bed and sides.

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Erosion Transportation

Erosion The wearing away, in this case by water and rocks constantly rubbing

Traction the rolling of large rocks and boulders Saltation Leap frogging of smaller stones

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Flood Flooding happens when a river has too much water in its channel. The water breaks through the river banks and spreads over the surrounding land. Alluvium The name for any material deposited by a river. (Silt is tiny material carried by running water) Heavy rain fall/ there is more water going to the river actecedent rainfall/ the surface is already saturated Long spells of hot dry weather/ runs of the water Steep sloaps/ the rain water runs sreight of the surface impermable rocks/ flows quickely into the water

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Boscastle Floods 2004

Anticydint rainfall rainfall when it all ready been raining Boscatle is southwest of england near cornwall

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