Rivers - Levees and Floodplains

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What Are Levees?

Levees are embankments that are built to prevent the overflow of a river.

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Where Do Levees Occur?

Levees can occur in the lower course of a river.

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How Are Levees Formed?

Levees are formed by Deposition.


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What Are Floodplains?

Floodplains are a flat area which borders a river. They are made from sediment that has been deposited during flooding.

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Where Do Floodplains Occur?

Floodplains can occur in the lower course of a river.


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How are Floodplains Formed?

The narrow valley is widened as the river begins to erode sideways. The meanders create a wide, flat valley floor which is the floodplain. As the river floods, sediment is deposited on this wide area and its level is built up to form the flat area on either side of a river.


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