River Environments

  • Drainage Basins
  • Erosion
  • The Water Cycle
  • Drainage Basin System
  • V-Shaped Valleys
  • Interlocking Spurs
  • Waterfalls
  • Rapids
  • Meanders
  • Oxbow Lakes
  • Floodplains and Levees
  • River Managment
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Oxbow Lake Formation

  1. In a meander, the water is pushed towards the outside bend
  2. Greater velocity means that the river has more energy to erode
  3. Processes such as corrasion will cause lateral erosion
  4. Continual erosion on the outside bend narrows the meander neck
  5. Tge river floods and takes a shorter route, cutting through the neck
  6. The fastest current is now in the center of the channel
  7. Deposition occurs along the banks of the river
  8. The meander becomes cut off to leave an oxbow lake
  9. The lake will slowly dry up unless rainfall is very high
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