River Tees - Human Uses

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Embankments with Gabions

  • Installed at Yarm school to prevent to erosion of the meander cliff
  • Only slowed erosion and hasn't solved the problem
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Floodplain Zoning / Flood Warning Systems

  • To restrict building on the floodplains
  • To warn people who already live on floodplains
  • Doesn't solve the problem but could reduce cost of flooding
  • People may ignore the warnings
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Meander Cut-Offs

  • Sections of the middle-lower course were cut to allow cargo ships to pass to the docks 
  • This increases the financial benefit of the region
  • This can cause flooding further downstream 
  • Needs to be maintained through dredging
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Cow Green Reservoir

  • Built to stop flooding downstream
  • Holds 41million litres cubed
  • Used for conservation and recreation
  • Can build up sediment which isn't distributed to the floodplains 
  • Large area had to be flooded for its construction 
  • Prevents salmon from migrating upstream
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Tees Barrage

  • Built to prevent flooding from sea surges
  • Created revenue from the White-water reafting area 
  • Cost £54 million
  • Needs constant maintenance, providing financial burden 
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