Rituals in Iliad - Book 1

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Why does Homer include them?

makes the characters more believable

you can remember them and become more interactive

You have to acknowledge the gods

teaches the Greeks how to do this, always about the community

using set paragraphs to make it remember it, it was read out

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war prizes, e.g. Briseis and Chryseis

addressing them as 'son of...', a title, the most important people speak

Achilleus should be more formal

Nestor has the most appeased political ritual

Decisions are made publicly

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following the recipe, a hecatomb worth of sacrifices

making it to honour the gods

equal sharing so they never go hungry

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show abbreviament, socially interaction

Gods shows respect to humans and each other

There is a scoial hierarchy, nobody should go against it as it is dishonourable

equal sharing, the Greeks do this as well

Being part of the community

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