risk assessments

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risk assessments

why are the risks assessments such an importnat part of health and safety for preimer karting?

it is a lgal requirement and due to their accident rate in recent year they need to be able topt suitable measures in pleace 

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health and safety at PK

Health abd safety is extremely importanat t lesiure organisations such as premier karting. Identify 2 benefits of safe working practices to premier karting/

1. to encourage repeat customers - they feel safe in the environmnet = higher revenue/reputation 

2. There would be no need for legal matters as PK meets legal requirments is accidents where to occur again 

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Hazards - a situation that poses threat and will cause harm 

Risk - the probality of ebing harmed 

Risk Assessment - Examination of what could cause harm in the workplace. weighing up if enoug hprecaustions have been put in place 

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Steps of a risk Assessment

1. Look at hazards 

2. Who might be harmed 

3. Evaluate risks and implement necessary precautions 

4. Record Findings 

5. Review and revise 

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