Rights of Parents + Children in Islam

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Rights of Children

  • All children must be treated fair and equally
  • Children have the right to be properly brought up, raised and educated
  • Children are a trust given to parents, to whom they are responsible for on the day of Judgement
  • Children have the right to take what they need from their parents if they aren't providing it - but can't be greedy
  • Islam abolished the mentality that boys are superior to girls
  • Proper education (inc. religious) and guidance are far more important than feeding children, buying them nice clothes etc.
  • Parents need to consider what they spend their money on, making sure there's enough for their children
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Rights of Parents

  • When parents reach an old age they have rights on their child(ren)
  • Disobedience and insults towards parents are major sins
  • Status and Value attached to parents = very high
  • Hadith: 'Paradise lies at the feet of your mother'
    • Treat your mum well to get to paradise, the opposite can lead to hell
    • To be dutiful to her, obey her, take care of her - these are reasons to be admitted to paradise
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