Rights and responsibilities

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Human and Political Rights

Human Rights

The basic rights we have as a Human

  • UN Declaration of Human Rights (1948)
  • Basic Fundamental Rights
  • Right to own Property
  • Right to Free Speech
  • Right to Marry and start a family.

Political or Civil Rights

Rights that are given to citizens that are protected by the Government

  • Right for everyone over 18 to vote
  • A Minimum Wage
  • Right to stand for election
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Legal and Consumer Rights

Legal or Social Rights

The rights you have in law

  • Freedom of Assembly
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Freedom of Association
  • Protects Human Rights through Law

Consumer Rights

Rights given to the customer to protect them

  • The product cannot be faulty
  • No misleading claims
  • Offense to sell food unsafe for Human consumption
  • Right to have a full refund
  • You can contact the Citizen Advice Bureau
  • Then inform Trading Standard Department which investigates it.
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Employment Rights

Employment Rights

Rights given to people who work for a company

  • The Equal Pay Act: People who do the same job are paid the same
  • Contract: Setting out pay, holidays and conditions
  • The Equality Act: Employers cannot discriminate against disabled people
  • These are enforced by Courts and are protected by Trade Unions
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