Rights & Responsabilities

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Christians & the Bible

-Believed to be the word of God and Christians want to live how God intended as they believe he will judge them

-Contains advice and guidance to help Christians in their lives

-Contains the laws and rules of God such as the 10 commandements

-Contains the teachings of Jesus whose example they should follow 

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Christians & authority of the Church

- God speaks to Christians through the Church, so following its word is the same as following the word of God

- The church is the body of christ, meaning it continues to be Jesus acting within the world 

- Leaders of the church have training and education so are best suited to offer guidance 

- The church's teachings are important because they offer guidance of what to do in certain situations 

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Christians & Conscience


- A person should always rely on their own ideas and thoughts 

- A person always knows when something is right or wrong 

- God's voice telling them what to do and guiding them, therefore is reliable 


- There are better souces of authority such as the Bible

- A person's conscience may be wrong

- What one person feels is right might not be what the majority feels is right 

- Consult Bible and Church to receive best guidanc

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Christians & Situation Ethics


- Every situation is judged individually

- As love is the main principle, it follows a genuine Christian action

- Love is an easy principle to apply and remember in all situations

- Doing the most loving thing will appeal to people as a positive idea


It is impossible to predict what will happen in every example, which is what this requires

- In theory, anything a person felt was 'the most loving thing to do' could be justified including adultery or murder

- It is not easy to apply Situation Ethics in everyday cases where we are used to having rules 

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Christans & Human Rights

- All support the Universal Declration of Human Rights 

-Every human was created in God's image and so should be treated with respect 

-God loves everyone equally so they should be treated the same 

-The teachings of the Bible are in line with the human rights teaching e.g the Golden Rule, Love thy neighbour

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Christian & Genetic Engineering


- God gave humans dominion over the world, as long as it doesnt cause harm, it is acceptable

 - The Golden Rule-  it could cure diseases and so is acceptable 

- Jesus healed people, should try and follow his example by trying to improve others' health

 - God has given us the gift of knowlege and so we should use this and technology if it can possibly save a human's life


- Only God can create life, humans should not 'play God' 

-Life is sacred and created by God, humans should not be doing anything against this

 - Against anything where research discards embryos, life begins at conception

 - Would be against curing things which are defects and don't cause suffering such as short-sightedness 

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Genetic Engineering


-It helps humans understand humans and animals better

-It helps us save lives through the knowlege it provides


-We don't know the long term affects of it

- In the wrong hands, it could be misused

- Sanctity of life

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