Rich Young Man


Rich Young Man

Describe the story

A man asked Jesus what he must do to receive eternal life. Jesus repeats the commandments and the man replies by saying he has followed these ever since he was young. So Jesus told him one thing he must do is to give all his money to the poor to have riches in heaven then to follow him, this troubled the man as he was very rich. Jesus explained to the disciples that it was harder to get into the Kingdom of heaven for a rich person. Peter said they had already left everything to follow Jesus and he replied all those who do so will have eternal life. 

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Rich Young Man

Explain how the costs of discipleship are shown in the rich man:-

V.19: Disciples are all expected the know and follow the 10 commandment


  • Disciples are expected to give up all they have for Jesus so it is easier for them to get into the Kingdom of heaven.
  • Disciples expected to leave all their brothers and sisters and family to follow Jesus, your true family.
  • Nature of discipleship is to respond to a call, so regardless of what they think they must follow what Jesus teaches them.

V23. You can’t only rely on being a good person to have eternal life, but also must give up all that you have.

V.31 Disciples must be prepared to self-sacrifice, demonstrating service and try to achieve true greatness.

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Rich Young Man

Explain how this teaching might cause problems for some Christians today:-

  • Christians believe Jesus is God.
  • Isn’t Jesus God therefore why did he say ‘God alone is good’.
  • Challenges those who have power and authority.
  • Jewish people thought riches were a reward from God.
  • His demands are unpractical
  • Does his teaching apply to everyone?
  • If all money goes to the poor they become rich.
  • Surely if you’ve earned the money you deserve it.
  • How can Christians accept the rule of god in their lives?
  • Jesus expects too much from his disciples.
  • Why is it you can only you can have internal life when you give up your riches? Surely sins is the most important thing. 
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