revison for ict gcse 1st june

revision for ict 1st june

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ict help sheet

output devices that you would expect to be with a general purpose home desktop computer-  1. digital sperakers 2.printer

name one device you would expect to find in a desktop tower-soundcard,motherboard,graphics card

describe diffrencs between a lan and a wan-a lan is as small circut wich covers a home or school or ofice this is an example of this, a wan is a larger circut wich will cover a town for exmaple west malling and it is also world wide

why a memory stick is popular-easy to carry,more memory space

explain how you can uswe a data base to incrwease ways of profit-reduce costs,increase selling prices .

you would use barcodes for a dta capture method wich would be used for collecting informationm about items wich are rented out.

the operanting system does  carrys the operainton of copy,delete,rename,save

a real timer operatign system-the procceisng of data immediatly upon receipt

text field is used for numbers if not needed for a calculation.

explain how data validation could be used to improvwe the accuracy of information being input into a database-data for type check and ranhe check and check digits and lookups explain how they ensure only accurtae dta can be entered 

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