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Geography Revision

1. Map Skills -


north, east, south, west, or Never Eat Shredded Wheat or Naughty Elephants Squirt Water

symbols, height, grid reference and distance

2. Weather -

Elements Of The Weather:

Humidity: Measuring Humidity

This is done by using a hygrometer.

This consists of 2 thermometers a dry bulb thermometer - placed in a Stevenson Screen.

A dry bulb thermometer records the actual air temperature.

A wet bulb thermometer has a wet muslin cloth around it and measures the dew point temperature.


How Is Sunshine Recorded

This is done by using a Campbell - stokes sunshine recorder

This consists of a glass ball mounted on a frame that concentrates the sun's ray on graduated paper.

When the sunshines the rays leave brown marks which can be measured to give the time the sun is shining.

Cloud Cover:

Cloud is the amount of the sky covered by cloud.

It is determined by observing based on how many eights of the sky are covered in cloud

It is recorded in Oktas

Weather Instruments:


A Thermometer is a weather tool used to measure the temperature


Wind speed is an important part of weather

An Anemometer is a weather tool used to measurewind speed

Wind Vane

A Wind Vane is used to measure the direction of the wind


Barometer is used to measure air pressure

Types of Rainfall:

Relief Rainfall

Convectional Rainfall

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