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Nature Of God

What is God like?

  • Omnipresent - everywhere
  • Omnipotent - all powerful
  • Omniscient - all knowing
  • Omnibenevolent - all loving

Where is God?

  • Immanent - in the world
  • Transcendent - outside the world

How many Gods are there?

  • Monotheism - idea of one God (Although Christinity is monotheistic, there is a belief that God is actually three in one - The Holy Trinity.)
  • Polytheism - more than one God
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Reasons For Belief

Why do people believe?

  • Upbringing
  • Search for Meaning
  • The 'Design' Arguement
  • The 'First Cause'
  • Miracles


  • Something extraordinary
  • Jesus performs miracles - to show Gods power? - demonstrate importance of faith
  • God appears in a dream before you - Noah
  • Jesus walking on water would be described as a miracle
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Public and Private Christian Worship

Sunday Worship Takes Many Forms

  • Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican Churches - structured and liturgical - follow a pattern laid down, with set prayers and readings
  • Methodist, Non-Conformist Churches - structed but non-liturgical
  • Roman Catholic, Orthodox - always include Mass/Holy Communion
  • Pentecostals, House Churches - spontaneous, charasmatic worship
  • Worship at home - simple, grace, every day

Inside the Church

  • Alter - table for Communion - at east end of Church
  • East Window - Stained glass - behind Altar
  • Pulpit - raised box minister gives sermon from
  • Sanctuary - raised platform where most impotant parts of service occur
  • Lecturn - stand for Bible - often an Eagle
  • Font - holds water for baptism
  • Nave - where the congregation sits
  • Aisle - often used for processions - e.g. weddings
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Symbolism in Christian Worship

Religious Architecture is often Symbolic

  • Cathedrals - emormus, centre of the community to represent God's kingship, focus is always towards the altar
  • Orthodox Churches - cross shaped, large dome represents Christ's presence, eternity, nearness to heaven, decorated
  • Free Churches (baptists) - simple halls, pulpit focus of attention represent preaching

Icons, Statues and Stained Glass Windows

  • Icons - paintings often found in Orthodox Churches, represent saints, and means to pray
  • Murals, Frescoes, Stained Glass - depict Bible stories
  • Cross - Jesus' crucifixion
  • Fish - 'Icthys', sign used by early Christians being persecuted


  • Praise, Hymns, Importance of Choir, Musical Instruments e.g. Organ 
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Prayer and Meditation

Putting people in touch with God

  • Prayer - mentally or vocally communicate with God, many different forms
  • Some prayers have set dimensions e.g The Lords Prayer

Prayer is Powerful

  • Asking for things from God and recieving them - answered prayer
  • Unanswered Prayer - not recieveing what you asked for
  • God answers prayers in his own way in his own time
  • Roman Catholics - pray to saints, to ask her help with God

Private Prayer draws a Believer Closer to God

  • The 'Quiet Time' - time alone with God
  • Meditation - believer clears mind of distractions, concentrates on God's nature/work
  • Comtemplation - intimate wordless prayer, believer senses God's presence
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Food and Fasting

Food - Important

  • Expression through food - festivals
  • Food comes from the creator - God
  • Fasting - atonement or focus on spiritual matters

Fasting - Not Vital in Christianity

  • Fasting draws you closer to God - no compulsory fasts, special foods they must avoid
  • Roman Catholics - no meat on Ash Wednesday or Good Friday, and fast one hour before Mass
  • Lent - 40 days leading up to Easter, Jesus fasting in the wilderness after baptism, now give up certain luxuries
  • Festival Food - Hot Cross Bun, Xmas Pudding - cultural 
  • Mass/Holy Communion - Bread and Wine, represents body and blood of Jesus
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Life After Death

Life After Death

  • Cease to exist after death?
  • Body die and decay but soul lives on
  • Soul - rewarded or punished for actions in previous life
  • Reincarnation

Heaven and Hell

  • Soul lives on after death - body will be resurected on Judgement Day
  • God will judge you - then heaven or hell
  • Heaven - like a paradise
  • Hell - place of torment and pain
  • Roman Catholics - Purgatory, sins are punished before going to heaven - like a clensing process

'I am the ressurection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die' John 11:25-26

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Christian Funeral Rites

A way to say Goodbye

  • Burial or Cremation
  • A chance to say goodbye, and to remember and celebrate their life
  • Mourning - deep sorrow for someone who has died, period of mourning after funeral, say prayers and remember their life.

Sad with a Note of Hope

  • Coffin carried into Church, Hymns, Bible readings, prayers, a short ssermon about person who has died/poem
  • Prayers for bereaved, members of congregation express sympathy for family/friends
  • Black often worn
  • Doesn't matter if buried or cremated - Ressurection, have new 'spiritual bodies'

Support Bereaved

  • Hope of eternal life, encouraged to belive will be reunited with deceased  
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Thanks for the help, if I was to mention this in an exam what grade would I roughly get?

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